Brilliant Connect (Call Rate Bangladeshi User 0.30/min)

Brilliant Connect (Calling App for Bangladeshi User 0.30 min)

The description of Brilliant Connect

Brilliant Connect is completely free. With a mobile data plan and Wi-Fi connection you can contact anyone for FREE. You can also make voice calls to anyone who does not have Brilliant Connect App installed at a very competitive rate. Ask your friends and family to install Brilliant Connect and you will be able to make VIDEO calls and send stickers via rich messages.

Why is Brilliant Connect is the best communication app for you?


【1】 Your own Brilliant Phone number.

【2】 Anyone can dial your Brilliant number call you from anywhere in the world.

【3】 Low-cost calls to any phone anywhere in the world with Brilliant Outcalls.

【4】 Low Data usage saves up to 6 times fewer data than other similar apps.

【5】 Free voice and video calls to your friends who have the app installed.

【6】 Chat and calls are 100% private with end-to-end encryption

【7】 Bangla Language support.

【8】 Bangla Stickers in rich messages.

【9】 Send photos, videos, files, location and voice messages.

【10】 Group chat keeps you connected with friends.

【11】 Block calls and messages from someone you do not like.

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